The Power of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) Give One Get One Program (G1G1)

PC290006 PC290001

So… a few of us got together yesterday for an informal meetup of DC residents that own One Laptop per Child (OLPC) XO laptops through the Give One Get One Program.

It was great fun to meet other people who were excited about OLPC.  We talked through some issues that people were having with their laptops.  We showed the computers to other people at the coffee shop.  We played some games using the mesh network.

The folks I met yesterday and everyone who has participated in the OLPC Give One Get One (G1G1) Program has really helped to change the world.  President of OLPC Walter Bender in his weekly community news e-mail letter wrote:

G1G1 has not only made it possible to seed the launch of programs in Haiti, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Cambodia, Mongolia, and Afghanistan…

He goes on to say…

…we have also greatly broaden the community of participation in the project. The community has already jumped in to help: the level of activity in our forums, IRC, email lists, wiki, etc. has risen dramatically over the past few weeks. G1G1 participants have asked lots of questions—and have uncovered some new bugs—but they also have lots of answers—and have submitted some new patches. The community model seems to be scaling.

You too can participate but you only have till tomorrow.  The OLPC Give One Get One (G1G1) program ends tomorrow, December 31st.

Go now.

Wanna Meet Other Bloggers in DC? Go to the DC Blogger Meetup.

I have talked to a number of people who want to understand social media better but don’t know where to go to meet people who are already in the industry.  Well next week there will be a DC Blogger Meetup on Wednesday, December 12 at Piola in Arlington, VA.  This is a great event to attend!  I unfortunately  can’t make it but Geoff Livingston and crew will be there so you know it’ll be a party.

In December, Mobile Monday DC Gives Intro to WiMax

Mobile Monday DC is a group within the Washington DC tech community who doesn’t get talked about as much but has been putting on some great talk about what’s happening in the mobile industry.

This month Mobile Monday DC is giving a WiMax 101 talk, which I’m sure will prove to be informative.  The meeting is December 10th at 6pm at the Teqcorner in McLean, VA.

Being a carless Washingtonian, I’m not sure whether i’ll be able to make it out there.   If you live out in that area, you should go.  I know you’ll have fun and you’ll probably learn something.