Fandango Launches an iPhone App

Fandango has launched an iPhone app. You could definitely see this coming. The part that I’m the most excited about is that you can by movie tickets right from your phone. The bummer is that they don’t integrate with your existing Fandango account. You have to enter your credit card number right into the phone.

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Is that a book in your pocket? No, it’s my iPhone.

So… in addition to reading the NY Times on my iPhone, I recently downloaded the Amazon Kindle app for the iPhone, bought a book, and have begun reading on that.

Much to my surprise, it was quite enjoyable. It was like any other reading type experience that I had had. The book was good so I just flipped right through it.

It felt nice that I could have so many books in the palm of my hand. I didn’t have to worry about lugging them around with me in my bag.

After 20 minutes of reading, my eyes didn’t feel strained. They felt fine.

Battery consumption concerns me. It feels like because, when you’re reading, you always have the screen going that I’m going to kill the battery. I haven’t gotten a feeling for that yet so I’ll check back in.

Have you tried it out at all? What do you think?

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“Global mobile penetration hits 50%”

People talk about the impending social media revolution.  I’m here to tell you that you’re already amidst another revolution that’s more fundamental and just as big if not bigger…

Figures released by industry analyst Informa Telecoms & Media reveal that worldwide mobile penetration will hit 50 per cent – or around 3.3 billion subscriptions – today, just over 26 years since the first cellular network was launched.

It’s the mobile revolution.  Around the world, people are using the mobile phone as the preferred method of accessing information.

You need to pay attention to this.   The mobile phone and the mobile Web is such an exciting medium.  The thing is… it’s also very different.

More on this later…

In December, Mobile Monday DC Gives Intro to WiMax

Mobile Monday DC is a group within the Washington DC tech community who doesn’t get talked about as much but has been putting on some great talk about what’s happening in the mobile industry.

This month Mobile Monday DC is giving a WiMax 101 talk, which I’m sure will prove to be informative.  The meeting is December 10th at 6pm at the Teqcorner in McLean, VA.

Being a carless Washingtonian, I’m not sure whether i’ll be able to make it out there.   If you live out in that area, you should go.  I know you’ll have fun and you’ll probably learn something.

Test the Web Standards Compliance of Your Mobile Web Browser

Wanna help the advancement of the mobile Web?  Test the Web standards compliance of your mobile phone.

All you have to do is run your mobile phone browser through a bunch of test cases.  It’s super easy.

Point your mobile phone here –

Learning About W3C Test Suites

One W3C concept which I didn’t fully wrap my head around till recently is the idea of a test suite.  It is a set of files that each test a certain property or aspect of a specification (… being things like HTML, CSS, or SVG).

For example, there could be a test which makes sure that a browser can render bold text correctly.  That’s all it’d do.  You’d view the file in the browser and you can quickly tell that whether the browser passed or failed.

There are a bunch of test suites…

Test suites are important so that you can test that the specification was implemented properly.   What good is a spec unless it’s been implemented somewhere and implemented consistently?

Blogs at the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

At the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Technical Plenary and Advisory Council week last week, there was concern that not enough people knew about the W3C blogs.

Well here is a list of some of the ones that I read…

There are probably more that I just don’t know about. Hopefully someone will send me those links

These blogs are a great opportunity to interact and have a conversation with those who have an influential role on the future of the Web.