Zappos’s Tony Hsieh on Company Culture & Customer Service

This morning I was walking around Capitol Hill listening to the opening keynote that Zappos’s CEO Tony Hseih gave at SXSW on company culture and good customer service.  I think this is a must listen to.  Like, listen to this right now.

If you’re in a position of leadership, it’s important because you’re going to walk away with some solid nuggets about how to run your business.  If you’re an employee, it will give you some things to look for when you decide where you want to work.

I feel incredibly blessed.  I believe that our leadership team at Clearspring, especially our CEO Hooman Radfar, really gets what Tony is talking about in this keynote.  I feel like we have a great company culture, where folks are excited to go to work everyday.  We also put a high premium on quality customer service.

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“Because something is happening here…”

Today while at work I watched the video from Leo Laporte‘s keynote at the Blog World Expo this last November. Leo has always proved to be an extraordinary public speaker and he lived up to this with this keynote.

He talked about the social media revolution and he quoted a portion of the Bob Dylan song Ballad of a Thin Man, which I thought was really cool:

Because something is happening here
But you don’t know what it is
Do you, Mister Jones?

Something is happening here and there are days where you can’t predict what’s going to happen day to day.

One thing is for sure. We are amidst a revolution.

Media, entertainment, communication… how people exchange information will never be the same again.

The World Wide Web has changed EVERYTHING.