Politweets – Monitor the Twitter Chatter About the Presidential Candidates


It’s been fun to watch as Twitter has gone from a fascination of a few to micro-publishing platform that is used around the world.  The simplicity of only having 140 characters to say what you want to say has really helped to increase adoption.

What some are starting to realize is that if you can analyze what comes out of Twitter you can get a sense of the latest buzz, people’s quick thoughts, and opinions.

Politweets is a Web application that tracks what people are saying on Twitter about the different 2008 presidential candidates.  So if I wrote on Twitter, “Obama is on CNN right now.” It’d appeare on Politweets.

The campaign of a savvy presidential candidate should be using a tool like Politweets to track what people are saying and buzzing about themselves.   What’d be cool is if they could filter or sort tweets by state so candidates could just see what people are saying or have said in just a place like New Hampshire or Nevada.

This app is created by the same Washington DC-based folks who did Twittertale, the app that tracks the latest twitters with dirty words.  I expect more great things from these guys.