The Guitar Hero Widget – A Great Teaser for the Video Game

A lot of my friends have been talking about the Guitar Hero and Rock Band video games but I haven’t really gotten into them yet.

The other day I found the Guitar Hero Widget over on one of the Wired blogs.  Inside the widget, they give a mini version of the game.  It includes three songs.  It’s really cool.  Instead of using a plastic guitar, you’re using your keyboard but none the less it’s fun.

It gives me a taste of the game and would get me potentially excited about buying it.

Making a widget is SOOOO genius for a video game company.   If i’m a big fanboy of the video game, I’d send this widget to my friends who were yet to be converted so that they too could get a taste.  It empowers word of mouth advertising, which is the most powerful advertising technique.

So… Go play with the widget.

(Note: I would have embeded it here but I use and they don’t allow me to embed third-party flash. *frown* )

Getting AfPub Online

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of hanging out with my buddy Livingston.  He’s getting his Master’s Degree in Publishing at George Washington University.

As one of his class projects, he had to make a Web site and I offered to help.

His Web site is called AfPub.  He’s really interested in publishing in Africa and wanted his site to be a central source for resources online.

So… in no time at all, we had installed WordPress, picked put a theme, and published some content.

It was great to see his excitement about taking his thoughts and interests and putting them out there for the world to see.  Reminded me of my initial excitement with getting out their online.

So head over to AfPub and tell my friend Livingston hi!