My Favorite Web Sites Are The Ones I Visit The Least

Recently, I had the realization that my favorite Web sites were the ones I visited the least.  The first thing I do when I find a Web site that I want to visit again is look for an RSS feed.  If I find one, chances are I won’t come to the Web site again for a while.  If the Web site doesn’t have an RSS feed, I’ll forget about it and the site will miss out on some traffic.

My RSS reader has become one of my information or lifestyle hubs.  For me, there are others that I use daily.  My mobile phone and my television are all places where I expect to be able to receive all of my various feeds of information.  They are my viewports into the world.

We are moving away from this idea of having to view a Web site to view Web content.  The thing is… this is so radical.   Web content creators need to realize that they’re going to have to give up a lot of control if they want to be successful.

The content you put online is going to be viewed out of the context of which it was initially created.

This is all part of the reason why I’m so into the idea of widgets.  It’s an easier way for users to aggregate your Web content or Web application… much easier then trying to explain RSS to someone.

For example, the popular online chat application Meebo received 84% of it’s traffic through it’s widget.