Clearspring Acquires AddThis

Big news today at Clearspring HQ.  We’ve acquired the bookmark and content sharing service AddThis, the button thats frickin’ all over the Web.  Together, we make the most comprehensive set of sharing services on the Web.  We’re all really pumped.

Venture Beat did a really nice write up.  Here’s an excerpt:

Clearspring, the widget creation platform, has acquired AddThis, the bookmarking and sharing button, for an undisclosed amount. The acquisition moves Clearspring closer to becoming a service that allows any users to share content from any website.

AddThis will initially remain its own service. Through the acquisition, Clearspring reports that the two services combined will be reach approximately 200 million users and 300,000 publishers.

Also… check out the story on Digg.

If you have any questions, thoughts, or concerns, don’t hesitate to drop me a line –

Read Clearspring’s Widget White Paper

Ever wonder what a widget is and why you should care?  Well, I was lead writer on a white paper that we wrote here at Clearspring on that very topic. I just announced it on the Clearspring blog.

We were recently discussing different tools we could give to the people to help them understand widgets and the value proposition of Clearspring. We decided to write up a quick white paper. It’s entitled “What’s a Widget and Why Is it Important? (PDF)

I’d encourage you to download it, read it, and send me comments. Let me know what you think. E-mail me at

Rad Content + Shareability = Recipe for Virality

Over the weekend, we saw something really neat.  Saturday Night Live did an amazingly funny skit about Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton.  They made it available online in a Flash player that was widgetized and made shareable through Clearspring’s Launchpad widget platform.  With all this, what do you get?  You get what CNN has called a “a global Internet sensation.”

I Heart Pandora

[clearspring_widget title=”I Heart Pandora” wid=”48ade10642bb5ce3″ pid=”48b315d2fcaef197″ width=”300″ height=”250″ domain=””]

A bunch of us here at Clearspring are really bummed that the online music radio provider Pandora may be facing extinction due to a massive hike in royalty fees for Internet radio stations.

So… we’re calling everyone to action.  We’ve created the Web site I Heart Pandora and a widget that you can use as a way to tell the world that you love Pandora just as much as we do.  The widget includes a link about how you can take action.

Put the widget on your blog, social networking profile, and Twitter about it.  We don’t want services like Pandora and all Internet radio stations to go away.

More on this from Hooman Radfar and Rich LaBarca.

Grab the I’m Attending SXSW Badge

At Clearspring, we’re getting pretty excited about SXSW coming up in March of next year.  So… we made a badge for those of you who’ve just registered.  Tell the world you’ll be there.

[clearspring_widget title=”Widget” wid=”48af372b36cd8d13″ pid=”48af392240e92535″ width=”180″ height=”270″ domain=””]

WordCamp, Widgets, and Blogs… Oh My!

So… today I’m at WordCamp (the WordPress conference). It’s cool to see so much energy around blogging and how to take blogging into the future.

Of course, I think widgets play a big role in blogging.  Widgets allow you to take that blog content and bring it into more of an aggregated environment (i.e.  Apple Dashboard, iGoogle, Netvibes, and even mobile phones).

With the KickApps Widget Studio, I just created a widget for this blog.

[clearspring_widget title=”Widget” wid=”47e1625d9e951482″ pid=”48a6fe7ceec0afa1″ width=”300″ height=”400″ domain=””]

Feel free to grab it and use it.

Not only do you want to share content from the blog out to the world, you want to be able to bring content into the blog.  It’s important to be able to share widgets into a blog.

So… I’m here to figure out how we can make this whole eco-system easier for people to use.

If you’re here at WordCamp, come find me and say hi.  I’m wearing a Clearspring t-shirt.

Shameless Plug – Please Vote for My SXSW Panels

It’s that time of year again where we all make shameless plugs for our South by Southwest Interactive (SXSWi) Festival panels that we proposed.  The fun this year is that I get to join in the fun.

At Clearspring, we’ve submitted a number of different proposals which I think are pretty cool and would LOVE your vote.

Also… my buddy Nick has submitted a panel that he’s asked me to sit on.  It’s entitled, “Building Entrepreneurial Communities Outside the Valley.

For those of you who can take a few minutes and throw us a vote, I sincerely appreciate it and I can’t wait for next year’s SXSW.