WaPo Columnist Dana Milbank Compares Twittering Congressmen to High School Kids

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank published a column this morning slamming congressman for using Twitter and Qik to give color commentary and play by play  last night during President Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress.

In the column he says…

President Obama spoke of economic calamity and war last night in that solemn rite of democracy, the address to the joint session of Congress. And lawmakers watched him with the dignity Americans have come to expect of their leaders: They whipped out their BlackBerrys and began sending text messages like high school kids bored in math class.

This column seems very telling to the extent which many members of the old guard just don’t get where the world is going.

I don’t want to be communicated to by politics in page long press releases or newspaper op-eds that are full of buzz words and empty rhetoric.  I want to to get the unfettered access.  I want to hear their unfiltered thoughts and I want to be able to hold conversation with them about these thoughts.

Twitter and Qik are great tools for this transparency… for this level of access and conversation.

It is our government.  These politicians represent us and thus should do anything and everything they can to connect and form relationships with us their constituents.

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Washington, DC Coffee Baristas Are Some of the Best!

For a long time now, I’ve been saying that DC has been blessed with some of the best baristas in the business. They can be found at Murky Coffee and Peregrine Espresso. Well to prove it, 2 baristas from each of those establishments grabbed up the top four spots at the Mid Atlantic Regional Barista Competition. Read more about it at We Love DC.

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Just Kidding… The Georgetown Apple Store Wasn’t Approved

I guess there was one more hoop that Apple had to jump through to get a retail store into Washington DC’s neighborhood Georgetown: the Old Georgetown Board.   Apparently, Apple’s proposals have been rejected.

DCist is reporting:

The Washington Post’s Paul Schwartzman reports from the Old Georgetown Board meeting today, and says that the board has indeed rejected Apple’s storefront design for a fourth time. While insisting they are eager for the store to open on Wisconsin Ave., the board expressed frustration with Apple for again submitting a design that included a wide, all-glass entryway. Deputy mayor for planning and economic development Neil Albert didn’t mince words: “We’re extremely disappointed with today’s decision.” For it’s part, Apple says it is still committed to making the Georgetown location work and will once again go back to the drawing board.

This sucks.

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Come to the Washington DC Twestival Next Thursday!

Next Thursday, Washington DC is going to be host to it’s very first Twestival.

Your first question is going to be what the hell is a Twestival.  Well I’m glad you asked.   It’s a charity event that’s getting held in 185 cities all across the world all on the same night. The event is being organized and promoted using Twitter and social media.

Our’s in DC is going to be next Thursday at 5:30 pm at the club/restaurant Local 16 up on U St.  It costs $10 in advance and $15 at the door.

Proceeds are going to Charity:Water.  They help bring clean water to developing nations.

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This is an awesome excuse to party (which we know DC loves to do)  and do some good in the process.  So come on out!!!

Washington, DC Apple Store Design Approved… Yay!

The dcist is reporting that the Georgetown advisory neighborhood commission has FINALLY approved the design for the upcoming Apple store in their neighborhood.  It may be here as soon as the end of the year.  Yay!

The approved design reportedly has a more Georgetown-friendly brick emphasis and the “Apple logo greatly diminished in size.” Apple retail news web site ifoAppleStore says the store could be open as early as late 2009.

LaunchBox Digital Announces Their Summer ’09 Program

The Washington, DC, early stage investment firm LaunchBox Digital has recently announced their Summer ’09 program.  This is a 12 week program where the LaunchBox team and their advisors work with entrepreneurs to help them build their companies and refine their ideas.  It’s really pretty phenomenal.   I’ve gotten to know some of the LaunchBox team and they’re great!  If you’re interested in their summer program, make sure that you apply today.

Congrats to nclud on 2 Years of Making the Web Prettier and Way More Fun!

I’d like to personally congratulate  Washington DC-based Web creative agency nclud on their 2nd anniversary. Not only do they do amazing job of making the Web a more fun, prettier, and usable place, they’re also awesome people.  Martin, Alex, Dan, Doris, and Michael are all great friends.  Plus, they’re a pillar of DC’s emerging tech community.  I’m confident they’ll continue to do great things for many more years to come.