Threadless Uses Their Prints Packaging Tube To Show Their Personality

My new Threadless Print Instructions for what to do with the Threadless Prints Tube Packaging

I’m definitely a fan of the online community t-shirt company Threadless.

They recently launched a new product… Prints.  It’s some of the best t-shirt designs put on a thick stock poster.  I had never bought one before so I thought I’d give it a shot.  The walls of my apt need some decoration.

I puchased the ctrl + z print pictured above.

In the package was a piece of paper (pictured above) entitled “It’s Not Just a Tube.”  It goes through and shows you all the fun things you could do with the packaging tube that the print came in.  Examples are things like… ninja sword, giant spit baller, peg leg, and others.

Most of the items that they mentioned are just all out silly but what the piece of paper does is show the personality of the company.  I already felt like I had a relationship and knew the people at Threadless, through their Web site.  Getting this sense of who the company is just endears me to them more.

What kind of personality does your company have?  Do you show it?  If so, how?

Threadless – Who would have thought you could build an online community around t-shirts

I realize that according to some I may be a little bit late to the game on this one but I’ve just gotten into the online t-shirt community Threadless.

I just bought my very first Threadless t-shirt, “When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth.”  I had so much fun and love the shirt enough that I’ll probably end up buying more.

The way it works is people submit t-shirt designs to Threadless and other users vote and comment on the designs.  The Threadless staff will choose some designs, print them, and compensate the designer.

There are a limited number  of the t-shirts printed and some of the more popular ones will sell out quickly which makes them just as much limited edition works of art as t-shirts.

Threadless is its just so much fun.

They have some other cool t-shirts like “Everyone Poops”,  “Pickles are cucumbers soaked in evil”, The Internet Was Closed…” and many more.  These are all sold out and I’m hoping they’ll reprint them soon so I can grab them.

So go buy a t-shirt from Threadless… participate in the community.

Have you bought a t-shirt from Threadless?  Which one do you have?