Last Chance to See Joe Price’s This Digital Life: Basic Instructions for Coping with the 21st Century

Today is your last chance to see Joseph Price’s play “This Digital Life: Basic Instructions  for Coping with the 21st Century.”  It is showing at the Goethe-Institut (812 7th St. NW) at 2:30pm.

I’d be there with 20 friends if we all didn’t have a wedding to go to this afternoon but I encourage you all to go. I think you will enjoy yourselves and it will challenge you to think about your Web 2.0 lives.

Have you seen it already?  What’d you think?  Drop me a comment.

Hopefully the response for the play has been good enough that it will get picked up again somewhere else.

Theater: “This Digital Life: Basic Instructions for Coping with the 21st Century”

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when my friend Joseph Price invited me to a play he wrote, “This Digital Life: Basic Instructions for Coping with the 21st Century.” I had a hard time imagining a play about technology. The description is as follows:

Sometimes, late at night, do you Google yourself? Have you ever sent yourself an email from the future? Three short plays explore life, death, and infamy in the age of Second Life and Wikipedia.

I have to say I really enjoyed it. I’d describe the show as a semi-satirical commentary on the current state of technology and Web 2.0. It’s about how all of this is affecting our lives.

We may get excited by all of these new technologies but whats underlying is human relationships. It’s those relationships which are important not the technology.

Much like after reading Andrew Keen’s The Cult of the Amateur (which i’ll write about soon), it got me thinking about how can we raise up a generation that responsibly uses the power of Web 2.0 not to stoke the flames of their own narcissism but to change the world.

The play incorporates technology which is really interesting. Despite a few hiccups, he was able to pretty successfully integrate AIM, YouTube, and even Google Spreadsheets into the play.

Overall, I’d recommend people go see this play. It has a pretty short run so go order tickets right now.

I may go again and take a group of friends. If you’re interested in going too, drop me a comment.

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