Washington Post’s Blog Profile of Washington DC-based Company Social Cash

There is a really great profile of Washington DC-based company Social Cash in the Washington Post blog The Wash Biz Blog.

And that’s in part because he has partnered with SocialCash, a District company that has launched an ad network for all the slight, entertaining applications developers have built. Some apps with seemingly basic utility — sending a virtual gift to a friend, for example — can go unexpectedly viral.

SocialCash wants to be there to help developers turn some of the hundreds of thousands of users into profit–and share in some of the proceeds as well. “It used to take years to get the traffic you can now get overnight,” said Rob Jewell, chief executive of Gratis Internet, which owns SocialCash.

I met Gordon and the crew from Social Cash at an event in San Francisco a few months ago.  They rock.  They party hard just like all of us at Clearspring.

I’m confident that these guys will go far.