The Pandora iPhone App and the Death of the Radio

So this morning I waited in line to get the brand new iPhone 3G.  For those of you who just have to know, I opted for the black 16 gig version.

One reason why I wanted to upgrade was that 3G unlocks a lot of options for you that you don’t get with EDGE.  You’re naturally going to be able to download more data to your phone A LOT faster.

I had downloaded the Pandora Radio iPhone App to my older phone but there were constant delays in playing songs as the phone had to catch up with the song it was downloading.

Now on the iPhone 3G, I can listen to music on Pandora seamlessly just as if I was listening to Pandora from my computer.    This is GAME CHANGING.

I already hardly ever listened to the radio.  I think this seals the deal.

The thing I want next is for my friends at ODEO to create an iPhone app so that I can stream audio podcasts write to my iPhone.  I travel a lot and I’d love to be able to download the TWiT podcasts write to my iPhone without having to sync up with my computer.

Then… I’d be able to have the equivalent of both  new radio music and talk programming right at the command of my finger tips in my iPhone.  WAY cool!!!!

So… what do you think of the Pandora Radio App?  Do you more so prefer the Last FM or AOL Radio iPhone Apps?  Do you prefer listening to the radio?  If so, why?

When is the last time I listened to the radio?

 His tech excellency Leo Laporte just posted a twitter message:

Getting ready to speak to radio executives at the Radio Ink conference. Q: Is radio dead? Discuss!

Heh… I honestly don’t remember the last time that I listened to the radio.

The radio just isn’t useful for my life.  One, I don’t own a car.  I miss out on that opportunity to listen the radio.  Even if I did have a car, I’d probably get a car adapter for my iPhone.

When I’m at work or a party and we need music, no one says “Hey turn on the radio.”  Someone will get speakers and hook them up to an iPod.

I don’t listen to talk or news radio. 95% of the time it’s just blather or useless soundbytes.

There is too much content that I can listen to when I want and where I want.  Why would I force myself to have to listen to the radio just to hear a specific show?

Do you listen to the radio? Is it dead or dying?