Mafia Wars by Zynga is Like Mafia LIVE But on Facebook


So… my current iPhone app addiction has a competitor for my attention, Mafia Wars. It’s a Facebook game from the folks at Zynga.

The functionality is almost EXACTLY the same as Mafia LIVE.  Would be interesting to see who came out first.

While this game is awesome, I like that Mafia LIVE is based on the iPhone because then I can play it during the down time that I have that’s not infront of my computer.

I’d love for Mafia LIVE to take a cue from Mafia Wars and pull Facebook Friends into it when Facebook Connect comes to the iPhone.

So which of these Mafia games are you playing?  I see that SGN just released a Mafia game for the iPhone.  I’m going to review that one next.

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More on the iPhone App Mafia Live!

Seems like I’ve been getting lots of response to my post on the iphone app Mafia Live. Wanted to pass on these posts i found.

Here are two blog posts that my co-worker John Nelson wrote about the game, with tons of tips.

Also looks like they have a Get Satisfaction customer support page, with all kinds of the discussions of the game including tips.

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Mafia LIVE! – My New Favorite iPhone Game

I have a new iPhone game which I’m addicted to.  It’s called Mafia LIVE! (iTunes URL) It’s a mobile massive multiple role playing game and SOOO much fun.

At the start of the game, you’re a kid on the street who’s trying to start the biggest mafia family.  There are jobs for you to do, you fight other families (who are other people who play the game), you win money, buy equipment, and you buy real estate.  As time passes, collect skills, and experience, the more you have the ability to do.

As if this wasn’t addictive enough, the game has a bigger social component to it.  You create your mafia family by teaming up with your friends.  For example, my mafia family code is 200313114. (Invite me to your family :-)).  In the game you can enter my code and we can become a bigger family to do bigger things.   It even has address book integration so that you can send invites.

It’s a really fun game.

The most interesting part of the game is that it’s SUPER low-fi.  It’s not super fancy graphics.  It’s probably just a mobile Web site.

I wonder what kind of numbers the game gets.  I hope they’re tracking the numbers.  I bet they’re getting some crazy high engagement levels.

Now they just need to find out a way to keep people paying them money so that they can continue making cash even from the folks who’ve been playing the game for a while.  Would it be through ads?  Would you have to upgrade to a 2.0 version of the game, kind of like with the new World of Warcraft packs?

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