SGN Turns Your iPhone Into a Wiimote for your Computer

Ok… so I didn’t really get the SGN iGolf and iBowl games for the iPhone.  I don’t get why you’d just want to play an Wii-like game when the screen is only your iPhone which you’re swinging around.  Now the technology makes sense.

SGN has released iFun. With this, you can tether your iPhone or iPod Touch together with your computer.  The game is on your computer but you swing your iPhone like a golf club.   After you swing, you’ll see the result on the screen of your computer… the ball flying throug the air on the golf cours.e

This is really impressive.  I can see how things like iGolf and iBowl were kind of first order projects to get to the bigger project which is iFun.  I can see folks coming together, all bringing their iPhones, and playing golf together.

Check out their video:

This is one of the first cases where I’ve real innovation on the iPhone platform.  I hope we’ll see more soon.

Have you played iFun yet?  What do you think?  Also… what is the most innovative thing you’ve seen thus far for the iPhone?

Heh… anyone up for a golf game?

A Nintendo Wii In Every Home (30% of them)

An exciting new report has just come out that illustrates how the Web is changing.

As the Wii continues to sell quite well month after month, analysts are becoming convinced that it’s no fad. A new forecast from Merrill Lynch suggests that Nintendo’s console will occupy around 30 percent of U.S. households by 2011, and even more in Japan.

The Nintendo Wii has gotten people excited about playing video games again. When you go out in public and mention the Wii, you will be told tales of adventures with friends, a six-pack, Wii Bowling, or Wii Golf. But what does this have to do with the Web?

You can surf the Web from the Nintendo Wii. Opera, the web browser, has a version which can be loaded on the Wii. Up and coming search engine Clusty has released a Wii version.

The way we consume the Web has changed. You can surf the Web from your computer. You can surf the Web from your phone but you can also surf the Web from your living room. If there is a Wii in 30% of American homes, people will be able to surf the Web on their Wii with their TV from the comfort of their couch. It will change the way that Web developers will have to make them.

As a developer, I will have to design my Web site in a way that it will be as universally accessible as possible to everyone, regardless of evironment, device, or situation. It isn’t feasible to expect people to make a Desktop version of their Web site, Mobile version, Nintendo Wii version of their Web site, and a version for every other Internet connected device that exists. We need to start looking towards the W3C’s One Web.

I could totally see myself watching TV and want to check the new or a blog headline really quickly but not want to go all the way to my computer. I could just check the Web from the Wii.

I either need to get a Nintendo Wii or convince work that they need to buy me one for “testing.”

Do you have a Nintendo Wii? Have you used it to surf the Web?