Little Containers of Cheerios

I want to add to my love letter to Chick-fil-A.

Lauren and I were out running errands with Miles yesterday. It was getting close to dinner time so we decided to stop by Chick-fil-A. Those sandwiches are oh so good.

When we go out to eat, the moment that we always have to be prepared is the time between when we sit down and when the food comes.  We usually have to pull something entertaining  or distracting out of the diaper bag.

I was so pleasantly surprised as we were sitting down to see little containers of Cheerios sitting by where you pick up silverware. It was the perfect amount to distract Miles while we wait for our food.

All in all this little container of Cheerios may have cost Chick-fil-A a few cents. But it’s the little things that endear you to a brand. It shows that I can go into a Chick-fil-a as parent and they have my back. It shows they care. It part of why we keep going back and back and back.

It’s a challenge for me. What are the little things that I can do for my customers that take my customers from like to LOVE?


Developing a Daily Writing Habit is HARD

I admire people like investor Fred Wilson who pushes out new content on his blog everyday. I aspire to write something on my blog everyday. It’s really hard though.

We read things. We experience things. This causes us to have thoughts about the world. It’s hard to turn those thoughts into something that you want to share with people.

The discipline of writing everyday and articulating those thoughts brings a certain level of clarity for yourself (and ultimately for your readers). It’s an amazing mental exercise.

But building the habit is hard. There’s something about, at least how I’m wired, that makes me want to passively consume information without thinking about it. BUT that’s bad. As I wrote previously, taking notes on what I’m consuming has helped a lot. Now to just turn that into thoughts that I want to share.

I’ve been using the app to prompt myself to write everyday, along with some other habits that I’m working on. I’ve found it pretty helpful.

What tips have helped you develop a daily writing habit?