Podcasts I Listen To

There was an interesting article in the Washington Post a few days ago about how podcasts were becoming more popular again and how plenty were actually becoming profitable businesses.

I’m a huge fan of podcasts, especially audio podcasts. I love being able to take typical mundane tasks like driving, exercising or cleaning, and flip on a podcast. It turns that boring task into something where I’m engaging my brain.

I was thinking about the podcasts that I listen to. First and foremost there’s the gold standard of podcasts and that’s the work that’s done by Leo Laporte and the TWiT Network.

I have been listening to Leo Laporte’s This Week in Tech Podcast since it was called Revenge of the Screensavers. It’s just Leo and his friends talking about hot topics related to the tech industry. It comes out every Monday.

His network has produced a number of other shows which have become staples for me. There’s MacBreak Weekly which comes out in Wednesday’s. There’s This Week in Google which comes out on Thursday’s.

Throughout the years I’ve tried a number of other podcasts. Now I’m also listening to the Product Hunt podcast, Alton Brown Cast, and Andreessen Horowitz podcast.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so which?

2 thoughts on “Podcasts I Listen To”

  1. The TWiT stuff doesn’t hold my attention like it used to: about a year ago I was listening to TWiG, TWiT pretty regularly.

    My favorites lately are: 99% Invisible (about design), Bad Voltage (Open source and culture), The X Files Files, and How Did This Get Made (this one’s amazing: listen to the episode on Ernest goes to Jail or Easy Rider 2)

  2. Aside a constellation of TWiT podcasts (my favs being Padre’s Corner, Know How, and iFive for the iPhone), I have a number of other subscriptions (99, to be precise) I follow… including a lot of the ESPN shows (which I can’t watch, since we’re cord cutters), Freakonomics, Intelligence Squared, BBC Newshour, Next Market, Science Friday, TED (by NPR), Arms Control Wonk, EntreLeadership, StarTalk, Science Times, Vice, Spy Cast (from the International Spy Museum), a number of the Wall Street Journal tech/sports/market podcasts, CFR’s “World Next Week,” the APM Marketplace and Tech podcasts, and a lot of other variety/theology/history/philosophy/board game/gaming/etc.

    Always on the hunt for new stuff, so interested to check out some of those referenced above.

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