Love the Jawbone Jambox

Remember the days when you’d go over to your friend’s house to listen to some music and they’d crank up the tunes on their sound system that filled half the room.  There was a rack of equipment and massive speakers everywhere.    The system made the music sound a live in a way that you never before thought possible.

I’m by no means an audiophile.  I’m sure those larger systems have merit but just never made sense for me to make that kind of investment.

Recently, more of my friends had been buying a the Jawbone Jambox to play music.  It’s a little portable box that you put on a table.  It connects wirelessly with  your iPhone or iPad and makes the music sound incredible.  To me, it sounds as good as those MASSIVE stereo systems.   We use it in the office at Tech Cocktail.

Lauren got me a Jawbone Jambox for my  birthday.  We use it everyday, like when we’re having coffee on the back porch every morning.   Most big stories (like Best Buy) you can find it for $129, which is totally reasonable for what you’re getting.

If you’re looking for an external speaker, I’d highly recommend the Jawbone Jambox.  Here’s the video…

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