Just finished reading “Foodist” by Darya Rose

Foodist-cover-flatJust finished reading the book “Foodist” by Darya Rose, author of the blog Summer Tomato.  It was awesome.   It’s the first time I’ve read a food/health/diet book that didn’t make me feel like it wanted me to subscribe to a new religion.  For example, Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Chef and Four Hour Body was just WAY too intense for me.  It stressed me out.  I think Tim Ferriss is just way too intense for me.

Foodist is very logical and practical.  Throughout the book, I was saying “yeah… yeah.”    I felt like it was giving me the proper mindset and understanding for why I am why I am but then giving me tools for making the right decisions and changing my habits.

My only critique is that I wish there was some kind of companion app for the book so that I could better take the tips with me and use them when & where they’re relevant.

Sorry that my analysis isn’t more indepth.  I need to take better notes when I read books.

If you roll your eyes at the thought of yet another food/health/diet book then I’d highly recommend picking this up.

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