Don’t use your smartphone in a movie theater, during the movie.

Last night, Lauren and I went to go see the new movie Identity Thief with Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy.  It’s HILARIOUS.  We had a great time.

The one blip on the evening was these 3 teenagers sitting in the very front of the movie theater that were playing on their smart phones the entire time.  At one point, they were evening taking photos of each other with the flash on, during the  middle of the movie.   It was infuriating.

I’m the biggest fan of technology, especially smartphones.  This was just a complete lack of consideration for anyone around them, for how their actions were affecting us.

I’m not saying we should get crazy and ban smart phones in movie theaters.   We just need to be better about making certain actions strongly cultural unacceptable.

At the very least, from now on, I’m going to be super self-conscious about pulling out my smart phone at a movie theater.

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