Sleeping with the White Noise iPhone App

Last night, I woke up at 4am and just couldn’t fall asleep. I grabbed my iPhone, flipped on the White Noise iPhone app, and as the white noise started. Within minutes, I was back to sleep. I slept like a rock.

If you’re not familiar with white noise, it’s bringing together a bunch of different noises together at different frequencies in a way that masks other noises.   How Stuff Works explains it better.

There have been times where the cat has decided to meow incessantly outside our bedroom door. If we let the cat into our bedroom, she plays with the blinds. So… we shut her out of the room and I just flip on the white noise from the White Noise iPhone app. I can’t hear the cat, and again I sleep like a rock.

So, having a problem sleeping? Is there noise that’s keeping you up? Grab the White Noise iPhone app. At $1.99, it’s well worth the price.

2 thoughts on “Sleeping with the White Noise iPhone App”

  1. We’ve been using a white noise app since our daughter was born last month, and I want to keep using it. Even though I’m up every couple of hours, I feel more refreshed in the mornings than I did with our first kiddo. I haven’t measured it, but I feel like I’m falling asleep faster as well.

  2. The developer/owner is a local DC independent developer as well, so even more reason to break out the iTunes password. I’ve been using it for years, and it’s the best.

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