People Flock to DC. Can DC Keep Up?

Read a story a few weeks ago that DC was one of the fastest growing metropolitan regions in the United States. It’s something I’ve seen first hand over the last 7 years with the DC tech scene. There are more people and more excitement than ever before.

But can DC keep up with the growing excitement and influx of residents? There was just a study saying that DC has the worst traffic in the country. I can also bare witness to this.

How do you build a city that scales?

As it stands, I’d imagine more & more of DC workers will live outside of DC and have some kind of serious commuting time. Heck I live in DC and it takes me 45 mins to get to work by bus.

Parking is a nightmare. The other day I drove to work cause I needed to drive somewhere after work. I had to hit 3 different garages before I found one with room. I missed our company holiday party because we spent 45 mins looking for parking and weren’t successful.

Seems like there’s some infrastructure that needs to be put into place for the city to live up to its promise.

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