Watched “Safety Not Guaranteed”

I came down with a headache last night that I couldn’t kick. So Lauren and I decided to stay in and watch a movie.

We use Amazon Instant Video Store to get access to all the latest releases, right on our TV.  There’s access to it through our Blu Ray Player

We stumbled across Safety Not Guaranteed. It has Apri (Aubrey Plaza) from Parks & Rec and Nick (Jake Johnson) from New Girl.  At first glance, it looked so indie that it’d be lame. It ended up being perfect.

It told the story of a journalist who wants to tell the story of a man who puts an ad in the classifieds about wanting a partner for time travel. And so the interpersonal adventure and journeys begin with all the characters.  It wasn’t too long and had a nice pace.

Definitely a must rent film.  We both really enjoyed it.  It’s a good Friday night movie with a pizza.

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