DogVaycay – Like AirBnb/Uber for Dog Boarding


As we enter 2013, have been thinking about what startups & apps excite me. One has been especially relevant as of late. It’s DogVaycay.

My wife and I love to travel but we have a cuddly pitbull Latte. So it’s important to find a loving boarder for Latte who’ll care for her when we’re out of town.

We had been using a boarder but she was pretty expensive (I’ve stayed in hotels cheaper) so we had been looking for someone new. That’s when we found DogVaycay.

DogVaycay allows anyone to advertise their capability for watching your dog. You search for the best match based on location, price, and reviews. The site facilitates the reservation & payment. It’s still pretty new in DC so it was harder to find someone with more reviews.

We did find a new dog boarder via DogVaycay that we’ve used twice now an she’s great. Plus she’s considerably cheaper than the woman we had been using before.

The site even facilitates boarders sending photo updates of the dogs back to their owners. I wouldn’t be surprised if they nudge the boarders to do it cause it increases likelihood that you’ll use that boarder again.

I’m sure that DogVaycay has big plans too. They just raised a bunch of money from investors. I’m excited for their future.

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