Mayfair & Pine: Glover Park’s Neighborhood Gastropub

On Sunday, Lauren and I were meeting up with some of our friends for brunch.  We were looking for something around Washington, DC’s Georgetown.  I stumbled upon the Glover Park gastropub Mayfair & Pine.   When I saw the reasonably-priced English-inspired gastropub menu, I knew it was a place to try and our friends agreed.

When we got there, it was around 11am on Sunday.  I was totally shocked how slow it was.  There were only a handful of other people, which is funny because I’d made a reservation.  Apparently, it’s not just a hot time for the bar, which surprised me because beers were half priced.  $3 for a pint of DC Brau’s Public Ale… sweet!  According to the bartender, their goal wasn’t to be a destination bar but to be a neighborhood bar and things are just slow during that time.

Mayfair & Pine shows English Premier League football (soccer) games on Saturday & Sunday mornings.  When we were there, we got to see the start of the Manchester v Chelsea game, which was fun to watch.   I feel like I’d watch a lot more soccer if there was a cool bar to watch it at.  Too bad, Glover Park is so far away.

The gastropub is owned & operated by Top Chef season 2 contestant Emily Sprissler and her husband Jason Cote.  Emily is Executive Chef and Jason is Chef De Cuisine  It was fun to chat with Emily briefly after brunch.

The food was fantastic.  I was one of the only not to get breakfast food.  I had their deconstructed Thanksgiving sandwich, where the “bread” is stuffing.  It was delicious.   There savory pies and fish entrees looked delicious.  Also… everything was reasonably priced at $12-30.  The breakfast options looked delicious, pretty standard, and were also reasonably priced at $8-13.  The best part of breakfast was that you could get bangers.  *giggles*

I think of Mayfair & Pine in a lot of the same way that I do Tunnicliff’s Tavern in Eastern Market.  They’re more than just restaurant.  There a place where the neighborhoods come together to live life together.    It was evident that this was something you could do at Mayfair & Pine.  Plus, the food & drinks are delicious.

This is the kind of placed I’d go to often.

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