The 4-Hour Chef & Learning to Learn

Lauren and I were in Lansing, MI over the last couple of days visiting my parents for Thanksgiving.    Figured I’d grab a new book to read through while on the break.  When I saw that Tim Ferriss’s new book “The 4-Hour Chef” was only $4.99 on the Kindle (It still is.  Grab it.), I figured that I’d take the plunge.

I’ve attempted to read Ferriss’s other books “4-Hour Work Week” and the “4-Hour Body.”  I usually only made it 20% of the way through the book feeling completely inadequate to Tim’s level of neuroses for using every means to necessary to optimize me professional and physical life.

Regardless, knew I wanted to grab a copy of the “4-Hour Chef.”  Part of it delves into cooking, which you all know is a personal passion of mine.  Plus, it was only $4.99 on Kindle so it was hard to say no.

So far, I’m only 15% of my way through the book.  Unlike the first two, the central thesis of this book isn’t about cooking or any one subject matter (despite the title).  It’s about learning to learn in a way that allows you to conquer whatever subject matter that you’er trying to conquer.   Tim shows the construct that he’s used to for example learn to cook, learn new languages, or learn to become a dancer and do this all in record time.

As I read more of the book, I’ll report back on what I think.

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