Make It Easy For Me To Quit You

Haven’t been using my gym membership lately so decided it was time to cancel.  Instead of paying $70/month to be able to exercise, I decided I could just run outside.   Funny thing is that it’s free to run outside.

Figured I could just stop by Washington Sports Club and cancel.  Nope.  It’s not that easy.  They handed me a piece of paper, which gave me instructions to cancel over the phone.

So, a few times I had a few minutes and figured that I had a few minutes so I’d call their member services line.  I get the hold music.  After a few minutes of hold, I gave up because I had other things to do.  Lauren had a few minutes today so she called for me and had to wait 10-15 minutes on the phone before she got to someone and actually cancel my account.  It was ridiculous.

It shows a solid principal that it’s worth underlining.  If you want me to trust you with my business, you have to let me easily stop using your service.  The fastest way to lose my trust is to make me feel trapped when patronizing your business.  Let me get out as easily as you allowed me to get in to the relationship.

2 thoughts on “Make It Easy For Me To Quit You”

  1. Gold’s gym has a month-to-month membership with a 60-day cancellation policy. This is what stopped me signing up recently. My calendar only has around 30 days per month…

  2. with Junk mail it’s a similar thing. I got a bee in my bonnet to contact all the junk mail i get to have them not waste resources sending me stuff. Some of the banks or credit cards were fairly easy to quit, like Discover made it really simple, where other places were impossible! and that impacts me. I’m never using Citi Bank because there’s no way to contact a human! I was very frustrated with them and you’re right, it really sticks with you.

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