Roasted Chicken: Executing On The Simple Ideas

On Sunday, Lauren made one of my absolute most favorite meals, roasted chicken. It’s something you can get at the grocery store for $5. Put a lemon in its butt. Season with salt & pepper, shove it in the oven for an hour, and you have an amazing meal.

If you want the full recipe, read Michael Ruhlman. He has a great write up.

When you watch TV, like Top Chef, you get the impression that the best dishes are super complicated. That’s the furthest from the truth.  In many cases, the best meals are about executing on really simple ideas with just a couple of ingredients like a roasted chicken.  We’ve also fallen in love with roasted broccoli.  Mmmmm. 🙂

It’s a great lessons for life too.  Instead of trying to bite off too much or making things too complicated, really focus on doing the best at executing against the simple tasks infront of you.

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