What time was that show on?

This spring Lauren and I were temporarily living in California while she was in 500 Startups. Instead of signing up for cable tv, we used our Internet access and a Roku box to get access to Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon for our television & movie fix.

It worked like a dream. We watched the tv shows we wanted, when we wanted to watch them. It was easy. The quality of the stream was fantastic.

It’s now funny to come back to a cable tv enabled house & the fall television season starting. My first inclination is “Oh that show is coming back.” Then I’m like, “when is it on?”

What does it matter when it’s on? Why am I holding myself to a broadcast schedule? I lived without it for 4 months.

Maybe it’s time we cut the cable in DC too.  It just seems like such an outdated model.

I wish the final the final holdout television networks would join the Internet era, like CBS and The Food Network.  I also wish there was a better solution for live news or programming online.  I want to be able to watch Morning Joe over our Roku box.

3 thoughts on “What time was that show on?”

  1. I too would need Food Network, Travel Channel, Discovery, History, and a few more, since the shows I watch the most are on them minus some college football. Here’s hoping they get to be live streamng on the Internet or at least a day or so later.

  2. For live news, I’ve found that aljazeera has really good coverage and is streaming for free. Sure, it’s not’s going to be round the clock Casey Anthony coverage (which is a good thing), but anything that is really big news will be covered.

  3. We are very close to making a visit to the local Comcast office to cancel our cable. You really don’t need it anymore. It seems like we are at the front door of ala carte television. We too have a Roku box and it works pretty well at getting us what we want.

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