There’s something cool about the physical newspaper…

Lauren’s up in NYC this weekend for a work conference.   So, I’ve been chilling in DC.  This morning I wanted to get out of the condo.  So… I went to Eastern Market, got a Sunday NY Times and found a corner of Peregrine Espresso where I could relax, read, and sip on a latte.

As much as I love technology, there’s something cool about the physical newspaper, especially when you can read all of it.   When I read news online, I tend to just read things about my specific areas of interest.   If I read the newspaper, I read everything that the editors find important.

A physical newspaper also forces you to slow down and just read.  With a physical newspaper, I find myself more apt sit down and read a 1200 word article vs skimming over a few paragraphs on my iPhone in Flipboard on my way to the office.

Do you read a physical newspaper?  Why do you love it?

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