Uber makes everything better.

Everyone’s favorite private town car service Uber has announced that on Friday, in addition to summoning black sedans from your mobile phone, you’ll be able to summon ice cream to your location if you’re in one of their major markets.

I think what we’re seeing is that Uber is SO much more than a town car service.  It’s a logistics efficiency platform.  Uber’s able to plug into any real world market that has supply & demand to better… more efficiently match their supply with the existing demand that’s happening in real-time.  Users declare their intent to purchase and Uber’s able to match that user with someone who can fulfill that need & do it quickly, in order to give the best user experience.

We’ve seen this play out with their sedan/suv/towncar service.   When Lauren  and I were in Austin,  they made pedicabs & bbq available on demand.   And… now it’s ice cream.  What’s next?

Uber’s ability to leverage big data to help increase the efficiency of the logistics within markets within any market is the reason why they’re going to be a big f’n business.

I see Uber as being super competitive with something like TaskRabbit.

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