I don’t need more than a web browser.

TechCrunch & CrunchFund Founder Michael Arrington wrote on his blog that he had just gotten a new computer and that Google Chrome was the main if not only software that he really needed.  Everything he had to do, whether it was listening to music or writing, was all done via a Web browser.

I can relate.  All I ever really use is the Web browser.  I could totally see myself just using a Chromebook.  Lauren actually got one of the CR-48 prototypes and I was using that for a while.   It was great… good enough.

Not so long ago, it was all about the computer and the software it could run.  Now while I still prefer Apple computers, it really doesn’t matter.  My only question is… can it get online?  When I open Chrome with a number of tabs, will it still operate quickly.

Oh what a different time we’re living in.

4 thoughts on “I don’t need more than a web browser.”

  1. I’m in the same camp. The only desktop software I use is omnigraffle. Other than that, everything is in Chrome.

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