My champagne philosophy


My good friend Zvi Band recently wrote a blog post about how hard it can be to stay motivated as an entrepreneur.  One thing he recommended was celebrating every win.  I totally agree!  Every new user that’s willing to give you their credit card number is something worth celebrating.

His post made me think of my champagne philosophy.  When I was at university at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), I took a couple of wine classes.  I was just excited to drink wine during the middle of the day but walked away with a deep appreciation and love for the art of wine.

One thing our professor Lorraine advocated was drinking more champagne (really it’s just sparkling wine unless the wine’s from Champagne, France).  For the most part, people only drink champagne for major holidays, especially New Year’s Eve.   This makes no sense.  Champagne is DELICIOUS. Why are you relegating it to be only drank once or twice a year?

Lorraine recommended that we drank champagne more often and every time we drank it to celebrate something.  Life is hard and is always going to present us with challenges.  Yet, we’re are all so incredibly blessed.   It’s good to regularly take sometime to be thankful and celebrate something that’s going on in your life.  Drink some champagne.  This is a philosophy that Lauren and I have adopted.

So… go get some bubbly and celebrate your blessings!

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