A/B testing the words you say…

Working on the web is glorious.  With your audience, you can test and optimize for whatever goal that you want to achieve.  It’s relatively easy to setup an A/B test and you see what version of a homepage is going to better drive someone to make a purchase.

But what about the offline?  There are ways to optimize how your communicating.  Trade shows or cocktail parties are amazing because you get the opportunity to talk about what you do over and over and over and over again.   Take the opportunity A/B test how you talk about yourself and see how people react.  Look at peoples faces.  Do they look like they get it or do they clueless?  If they look clueless, try explaining it differently on the next guy.

Today, I’m at the Urban Craft Uprising craft show in Seattle with Lauren, where Umba Box is sponsoring.   We’ll be able talk to thousands of people who eat, live, and breathe handmade goods.  So, it’s the perfect audience for Umba Box and thus the perfect opportunity to optimize the pitch for this audience.

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