Take Some Time to Disconnect

On Monday, Lauren and I got back from our cruise in the Western Caribbean.  It was my first time cruising.   It was great and I could probably write an entire post about cruising.    Maybe I will.

My favorite part of the experience was being able to disconnect from the Internet for a week.  I didn’t have mobile reception and getting wifi was prohibitively expensive.  So I just went with out it, which was great.  I just sat by the pool, read books, and drank margaritas.

It can be easy for your life to get wrapped up in the online and you completely forget to live in the offline first.   That’s why I find it important to take these times to disconnect and just live, rather than worrying about tweeting, instagramming, and facebooking.

It’s amazing the amount of life you start to see when you put down your phone… or it’s amazing how much you miss out on when you’re always engrained in what’s happening on your phone more than what’s happening infront of you.

So… take a wee, day, or even an afternoon and liberate yourself from the Internet.

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