Silicon Hill

Has been so fun to watch the DC tech community grow.  The excitement is palpable. Check out the article by Raymond Schillinger in the Huffington Post. He calls it Silicon Hill. 🙂

For far too long, the West Coast — primarily Silicon Valley — has held a monopoly on headline-grabbing tech entrepreneurship. The singular reign of the Valley, however, may soon be eroding, thanks to the efforts of a vibrant, young, and visionary coalition of technologists and investors in and around the nation’s capital.

The pace at which Washington, D.C. is evolving into a capital for reasons other than politics is astounding. My own Google Calendar is constantly being populated with new tech happy hours, networking events, developer conferences and incubator pitch sessions. Weeks without at least one major tech-related event are an endangered species.

One thought on “Silicon Hill”

  1. Hi Justin,
    you may want to follow the disability tech coalition news via twitter @coataccess or visit the website occasionally at which is a blog of the DC national disability tech news….or Friend the Coalition of Organiaztions for Accessible Technology (COAT) on Facebook…

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