Silicon Hill

Has been so fun to watch the DC tech community grow.  The excitement is palpable. Check out the article by Raymond Schillinger in the Huffington Post. He calls it Silicon Hill. 🙂

For far too long, the West Coast — primarily Silicon Valley — has held a monopoly on headline-grabbing tech entrepreneurship. The singular reign of the Valley, however, may soon be eroding, thanks to the efforts of a vibrant, young, and visionary coalition of technologists and investors in and around the nation’s capital.

The pace at which Washington, D.C. is evolving into a capital for reasons other than politics is astounding. My own Google Calendar is constantly being populated with new tech happy hours, networking events, developer conferences and incubator pitch sessions. Weeks without at least one major tech-related event are an endangered species.

Om Malik: I’m in the business of making my customers happy.

I’m a pretty religious listener of the Leo Laporte’s online show This Week in Tech and have been for a long time.

This Sunday, he had GigaOm founder Om Malik and All Things D‘s Editor Kara Swisher on.  These are two tech journalists that I have a tremendous amount of respect for.  They both write well thought out smart blogs.

Well, around 1 hour and 15 minutes into the show they get into this great discussion about new vs. old media and how it’s not about the medium for the content and it’s about the content itself.

Om gives a fantastic quote, which I thought was worth calling out and I think speaks a lot to the success that he’s seen. He says…

I’m in the business of making my customers happy.  My customers are my readers.  If they’re happy everything else will follow.

Right on Om. You pump out great content and thus I keep on reading.  It’s a good word for all of us.  We need to keep the main thing, our customers, the main thing.