What Would You Recommend for an NPR Newbie?

Over the weekend, I attended Public Media Camp and really learned about all the things that public media groups like NPR and PBS offer.  For whatever reason, despite the fact that I have a lot of friends that are die-hard NPR fan,  it’s really never anything that I got into.

I’ve dabbled with “This American Life” but that’s it.

So… what shows would you recommend to a NPR newbie?

9 thoughts on “What Would You Recommend for an NPR Newbie?”

  1. I mainly listen on the weekends at work. Weekend Edition, CarTalk, Wait Wait Dont Tell Me, and What Do You Know? The NPR News Quiz.

  2. I’d start with the 7AM Hourly newscast. It’s just a quick update every morning and I really like that. Story of the Day is are also usually short and really interested – a good primer.

    Others I recommend:
    All Song Considered, Pop Culture Podcast, Radio Diaries, This American Life.

  3. Hi Justin. I was there too. Do you go to Jill Foster’s & Andy Carvin’s DC Media Makers at NPR headquarters? 4th Wednesday of every month.

  4. Sorry we missed each other at PMC!

    * Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me
    * Science Friday
    * Car Talk (funny even if you don’t have a car)
    * This American Life
    * Radio Lab

  5. You’ve gotten some great ideas already – can’t argue with Wait Wait, Science Friday, or CarTalk. But how about some of these (some are NPR some are PRI):
    Says You (www.saysyou.net) – word games and humor
    On The Media (onthemedia.org) – media “criticism and analysis” – but done in an intelligent, balanced way
    Fresh Air – interview show

  6. Glad you will be taking your news in a smooth, calming voice. “This American Life” is excellent. “Market Place” is one of the most well-rounded business/economics shows out there. Browse the archives of “Fresh Air” (www.npr.org/freshair) and find interviews with people you find interesting. NPR does some great things with music – lots of new music samples, concerts – good place for Indy Rock. http://www.npr.org/music

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