What’s the Best Book on Building Community?

So… we have all these great tools like blogs, Twitter, and Facebook at our disposal.  They allow us to build these large communities around our thoughts and ideas which is amazing.

What’s the best book that shows you how to use these tools to build that community?

We have plenty of books on the phenomenon of social media and what it brings to the table.  We have lots of books on how to use social media.  What are the best books on how to use the books to build community?

I want it to talk about things like…

  • being a community manager/should i hire one
  • finding your community members or ideal community members
  • getting to know your community members
  • loving your community
  • growing your community
  • measuring the effects of your community

Is there a book that covers these topics?

I’ve been having these amazing conversations with all these friends who aren’t in tech.  They are filmmakers, pastors, authors,  and musicians.  They want to use these tools to build community and I want to hand them something which is going to help point them in the right direction.

Part of my brain says, “Justin, you should write this book.”

6 thoughts on “What’s the Best Book on Building Community?”

  1. Justin,

    I would first define “community.” I don’t think we have a solid definition. Is facebook a “community?” I don’t think so. Also, I don’t think the word “community” means anything anymore. I was in a committee interview with a Pastor I respect and who was hired and he said he doesn’t use the word “community” anymore. It’s meaning has died from overuse and particularly in churches it has been used to describe what is not community at all. I think we use the word to tell ourselves we have it but we really don’t. Every church, he said, offers “community” these days and very few deliver. I prefer the word, “family.” It better describes the Kingdom of God which is made up of Fathers, Mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, husbands, wives. I’m doing my best to avoid using a word that has died from oversuse.

  2. @George, thanks. Didn’t know that O’Reilly had a book on community management. Just picked it up for my Kindle. Will see if I can blow through it this weekend.

    @Jason & Seth. – I need to reread The Whuffie Factor.

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