What’s the Best Book on Building Community?

So… we have all these great tools like blogs, Twitter, and Facebook at our disposal.  They allow us to build these large communities around our thoughts and ideas which is amazing.

What’s the best book that shows you how to use these tools to build that community?

We have plenty of books on the phenomenon of social media and what it brings to the table.  We have lots of books on how to use social media.  What are the best books on how to use the books to build community?

I want it to talk about things like…

  • being a community manager/should i hire one
  • finding your community members or ideal community members
  • getting to know your community members
  • loving your community
  • growing your community
  • measuring the effects of your community

Is there a book that covers these topics?

I’ve been having these amazing conversations with all these friends who aren’t in tech.  They are filmmakers, pastors, authors,  and musicians.  They want to use these tools to build community and I want to hand them something which is going to help point them in the right direction.

Part of my brain says, “Justin, you should write this book.”

I Just Read Your Book. Now What?

Feels like I’ve been cruising through a lot of books lately.  I’m reading The Waiter Rant right now.  Prior to that,  I was reading As We Forgive, Ignore Everybody, and The Last Best Hope.

Every time, by the end of the book, I’d leave with the same feeling.  I was pumped.  The book got me feeling passionate about some issue.  Inevitably, I’d ask myself, “now what?”

Media, especially books, have this ability to catalyze people to action.   Every time someone puts down a book, walks out of a movie theater, listens to a CD, or reads a blog post, there is an opportunity.  If people like what they saw, they’ll be like “give me some more of where that came from” or “how do I continue the conversation?”

All too often there’s nothing.

I don’t know where you all stand politicly but I conservatively minded when it comes to politics and have been incredibly frustrated with the current state of the Republican party.  When I read Joe Scarborough’s book The Last Best Hope, I was pumped.   I wanted to find other people who espoused these same values so that we could come together and get something done.  But there was nothing.

I’ve been a long time fan of the band Iron & Wine.  I’ve bought just about every CD they’ve produced.  If they came to the DC area in concert, I’d probably be there front row.  Here’s the kicker.  They did come to the DC area and I didn’t know about.   After the many CDs that I’ve purchased, there has never been a way to tap in for more.

I don’t know about everyone else but when I find media I like, I don’t just want this singular experience.  I want some more.   I wanna connect with people who are just as excited as I am.

Everyone makes it so stinking hard.