New Mac Mini = Justin Gets Rid of Comcast Cable… Finally!

So… everyone is talking about a potential new Mac Mini. This is definitely something that I’d love to see happen. This is a computer that hasn’t been updated by Apple in a long time.

I’d love to take a new Mac Mini, load it with something like Boxee, hook that up to my television, and once and for all DUMP COMCAST CABLE.

It’s kind of funny because a few months worth of my cable bill would pay for the Mac Mini, if it stays along it’s current pricing lines.

What do you guys think? Would you do it?

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7 thoughts on “New Mac Mini = Justin Gets Rid of Comcast Cable… Finally!”

  1. Definitely! I’ve got a 3 year old mac mini which i don’t use much so I’m going to try boxee out tonight

  2. I’ve been doing that for a bit. It’s been working fairly well, the only problem is that hulu support has been removed so you’re forced into other channels for procuring most tv.

  3. DC is a great town for over-the-air Digital HDTV. All of the stations broadcast from the same set of towers in NW off Wisconsin Ave. You can get all of the networks, plus at least 5 PBS stations. Just get a good directional antenna.

    I use my main PC as a PVR (Beyond TV for PC) and have a cheap Dell off of eBay at three different TVs in my house. I don’t XBMC or anything like that, but I don’t find it too difficult to type in when I need to.

    So go for it. Save yourself a fortune in cable bills. I don’t think you’ll miss it.

  4. I second on the Hulu experience. I am excited to check on the Mac Mini and see the improvements.

  5. If you are looking for a media player that supports Hulu check out Plex Media. It is similar to Boxee but you can play Hulu through it. I just ordered a Mini and I plan on dumping Time Warner. I ran a a little trial using my Mac Book pro attached to my tv using Plex & Boxee and it worked great. 5 months of no cable and the Mini pays for itself.

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