Amazon Kindle 2 vs. Killing Trees

So… I just got back home after a few amazing days in Miami. When I get back to my apartment, after a trip, I’m always greeted by a stack of newspapers that have collected in front of my door. I never remember to tell the Washington Post that I’m not going to be in town.

It’s a sight that makes me feel guilty. I don’t end up reading the back issues, from while I was out, so I feel like I’m killing trees.

For this return home, I was also greeted by a number of magazines that I subscribe to (Time and Wired mags). I had seen these on new stands in the airport so I knew they were coming but couldn’t get them till I returned to DC because they came in the snail mail.

Maybe this is just me trying to justify the purchase of another gadget (which isn’t out of the realm of possibility) but… this all has all lent itself to my internal dialogue around the pros and cons around the Amazon Kindle. I have been seeing the reviews and the blog posts about it.

As someone who commutes an hour to work everyday, I always feel like I’m carrying more with me than what I should. I typically will have a book and a newspaper with me. It’d be nice to only have to carry one things… the Kindle.

At the same time, the notion of carrying a $349 reading device with me in addition to my iPhone freaks me out. I’ve already been mugged once and lost an iPhone. I wouldn’t want in a future incident to lose a Kindle and an iPhone. It just feels like you’d be always carrying so much money around with you. I could care less if someone stole my 75 cent Washington Post or $20 book.

The Kindle would be nice because I wouldn’t have to depend on the US Postal Service or the newspaper delivery guy to get my periodicals or news. It’d just be there.

Regardless, it definitely seems like the Kindle is a pretty revolutionary device. It feels like what the iPod was back when I was a freshmen in college. I have a feeling that 4 years from now everyone will be carrying one or something like it.

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2 thoughts on “Amazon Kindle 2 vs. Killing Trees”

  1. How is the iPhone as a reading device? Perhaps you should just wait for Steve Jobs and co. to combine the two products.

  2. I think it’s definitely a possibility but because the Kindle uses the e-ink technology, it’s a lot easier on the eyes and uses less battery. If i used my iPhone like the Kindle, I’m sure the battery would be dead quickly.

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