Sharing is at the Center of Discovery

I was sitting oustide at a coffee shop this morning talking with some friends.  We were talking about restaurants in the city that we really liked.   The conversation reinforced the principle that I had seen over and over again on the Web that sharing is at the center of discovery.

We find out whats new… we identify what we need to pay attention to… we process the world through the eyes of those that we interact with and what they tell us about.

If you’re a business, event, content publisher, or just someone with a message and want to get people to discover you, get people to share you.  Get people excited enough where they want to tell their friends about you.  Also… make it easy for your users to share.

What’s the last thing that got you excited enough that you wanted to talk about it?

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4 thoughts on “Sharing is at the Center of Discovery”

  1. It worked because you shared in a group of friends. The issue with the Web is that many things are decontextualized of their cognitive, emotional, locative, etc. environment. It then gives a complete different turn to the information.

  2. We live in a world of opposite form — bodies. This is the overwhelmingly self-suffocating fact of the human condition. But our thoughts, unlike our bodies, are unlimited. Plus, our thoughts cannot be limited within the zero sum game played by the human body. If I give you my thoughts, I still keep them. They double in size. The reverse is true too. But with bodies, not so. Even making mad love to Bach music is more a matter of mental congress. It’s all in the mind: No truer words were ever spoken.

    A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that relationships are what happens when bodies come together, but it is really only when minds merge that we tap into the essential oneness of each other. The world of bodies cannot even make eye contact for the most part. Sharing a smile with a stranger on the subway train may be the holiest — holiest as in whole, wholistic, one-ness, coming outta the isolation, no longer hiding within the thick fleshy walls of our “safe” and secretive yet ultimately confining bodies. Bodies are good for fronting, but ultimately is fear-based fronting.

    Mankind may very be at a “flat earth” moment, right on the cusp of realizing forever that the thought is not localized within the brain, within the body, within the hardware. It’s open source software, freeware everywhere.

    This is the best news ever because so far the sick and sorry history of man is largely one of bodies being transported around the world to fling themselves against each other in death wars. All this mashing of bodies is an endless quest to protect my world from your world, my country from your country, my province or state from your province or state, my village from your village, my house from your house, my family from your family, and, in the final reduction, my body from your body.

    Only opposite bodies can clash because they are blobs of very slow moving energy. Fortunately we are minds (thoughts that can only grow) not bodies (zero sum entities where my gain is your loss). We are minds more than bodies — and we must be for the simple reason that the mind can conceive of the body, but the body cannot conceive of the mind — precisely because we can share.

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