Mafia Wars by Zynga is Like Mafia LIVE But on Facebook


So… my current iPhone app addiction has a competitor for my attention, Mafia Wars. It’s a Facebook game from the folks at Zynga.

The functionality is almost EXACTLY the same as Mafia LIVE.  Would be interesting to see who came out first.

While this game is awesome, I like that Mafia LIVE is based on the iPhone because then I can play it during the down time that I have that’s not infront of my computer.

I’d love for Mafia LIVE to take a cue from Mafia Wars and pull Facebook Friends into it when Facebook Connect comes to the iPhone.

So which of these Mafia games are you playing?  I see that SGN just released a Mafia game for the iPhone.  I’m going to review that one next.

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94 thoughts on “Mafia Wars by Zynga is Like Mafia LIVE But on Facebook”

  1. I LOVE MafiaLIVE. I’ll have to try this game.

    Add me- 123dontspamme @ (no spaces) for 10K!

    or if you hate money (lol) 177-652-467

  2. Mafia live is very addicting. I’m still not sure why, but I think its because of the mix of complexity and simplicity.

  3. Facebook’s attempt at a content rights grab is a little scary… But i’m going to have to give this a shot…

    Add (Mafia Live): 125 681 536

  4. Wanna be part of a powerfull and rich family ?

    Add 129 903 662

    129 903 662

    129 903 662

    129 903 662

  5. Yes. Yes. Nice, Fun, Game.

    You can get a $10,000 Bonus if you email me at under the “Consigliere” Tab in Mafia Live.

    Or if you prefer just add me under Invite by Family Code: 145 212 975 (No Bonus this way)

    If you add myself and others it helps you complete Jobs that require a bigger family, and helps you rise in the ranks by being able to take on bigger families.

  6. Capitalist very active – all invites accepted
    Let’s dominate the world

  7. ADD ME:::::::: LETS GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 187-757-972

  8. Hey im new to this mafia wars thing. I need a bigger better family. Please add me. Please

  9. Add me. Mafia wars by Z. 7303 8711 67
    And for mafia live. 741 646 167
    The Mob

  10. I LOVE that I can find MOB friends numbers on here!!!! None of my friends have an Iphone.. They suck

    My # is 6500-1426-91


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