It’s Hackathon Time at Clearspring.

Over the last year of being at Clearspring, I’ve gotten to know and experience all kinds of fun company traditions.  Today, I get to experience another one… the hackathon.

From noon today till noon tomorrow, our engineering and product teams will be working hard on all kinds of different, fun, and innovative projects that are related to what we do but not on the main product roadmap.

It’s definitely a big bonding time for the company.  It’s something that everyone gets SUPER psyched about.  I’m excited to see what people hack up.  I’ll be here to report to you, the world, about how things go as the night goes on.  Yep, I’ll be here all night. 🙂

BTW – Check out the blog post our CEO Hooman Radfar wrote about today’s Hackathon.

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