Businesses Connecting with Customers via Facebook…

I spend a lot of my time out and about talking to folks about how they’re using social media within their lives and the lives of their businesses.

When it comes to businesses using social media, seems like one response I’ve been getting a lot of lately is… “We have a page on Facebook.  I’m not sure what we’re supposed to do with it but we have one.”

Seems like most people who’re approaching social media see the tools as just boxes on a check list that they need to check off and are not thinking about how they are actually going to use it.  How are you going to use your business’ Facebook to reach to new audiences and generate better relationships with your existing users?

But who’s actually doing this? There are many pages for businesses on Facebook but once I’ve become a fan of the company, what next?   Do you send out “fan updates”?  I’ve become a fan of so many pages that those are really hard to keep up with and have become noise.

Some businesses create branded Facebook apps but those seem to be more “throw-away” apps.  I’ll use them for a few days and then I’ll get bored with them and move on or “throw them away”.  How can you use Facebook to create long term engagement between you and your business?

So… have you seen any examples?  What am I missing?

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One thought on “Businesses Connecting with Customers via Facebook…”

  1. Hey Justin,

    Shane and I ate lunch with you over winter break at Clearspring. I saw this on your twitter, and it just made me want to click it, for I see such a market in this. Connecting businesses with their consumers of a personal, genuine level via social media is possible – more importantly…it’s free.

    Understanding and thriving in the Groundswell are equally important. Being actively engaged in today’s web-culture is vital to a business’ (especially new business) success.

    Sending your “followers” exclusive offers and/or deals is a way to keep them engaged. There are endless possibilities – the point is to start now and learn as much as you can as quickly as you can.

    Now, I’d recommend to all those people to read, “Groundswell” by Charlene Li

    Here is a link to it on Amazon:

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