Renewed My Subscription to the Washington Post Dead Tree Edition…

So… yesterday, I got a letter from the Washington Post saying that I needed to renew my subscription for daily deliver of the Washington Post.  I opted to go for it.  I re-upped for the next 6 months.

Is it weird that I enjoy reading the physical newspaper?  I feel like I don’t see many other 24 year olds walking down the street with the newspaper under there arm.

For my dad, the smell of newspaper ink on his hands is a religious experience. (He’s a former newspaper reporter.)

For me, I just like something about how news is presented to me in a newspaper.  It’s not flung at me all at once.  It’s progressively exposed to me a few stories at a time.

What do you guys think?  Any of you read the physical newspaper?  Any of you pay for it?

I realize that at some point that printing the physical newspaper will be a non-profitable business for them.  I guess, by that time, we’ll all be walking around with Amazon Kindles.

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2 thoughts on “Renewed My Subscription to the Washington Post Dead Tree Edition…”

  1. I read the paper every day. I have a ritual: In the morning, over breakfast, I skim the front page of each section. Then, over dinner, I read the comics and whatever articles I saw earlier over breakfast that interested me.

    And on Sunday… I can’t imagine a Sunday without the paper, a hot cup of coffee, and a comfy chair.

  2. I read it when I have time. RSS + Twitter keeps my quite up to date on big and minor random things.

    Luckily my school, RIT, has a deal with the NY Times for free papers with your school id! It’s pretty awesome. I just barely use it due to again studying all the time.

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