More on the iPhone App Mafia Live!

Seems like I’ve been getting lots of response to my post on the iphone app Mafia Live. Wanted to pass on these posts i found.

Here are two blog posts that my co-worker John Nelson wrote about the game, with tons of tips.

Also looks like they have a Get Satisfaction customer support page, with all kinds of the discussions of the game including tips.

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169 thoughts on “More on the iPhone App Mafia Live!”

  1. Are you new to Mafia Life Iphone?
    If you want 10k and 9 Godfather points for the iPhone mafia game, you must have nobody in your family aside from yourself and post your e-mail or phone number here. I’ll invite you and you’ll use the code that you get in the email or text in your Consigliere in the game to get the $10k OR email“>—> 313 742 581—> 313 742 581<—, (don’t invite me if you don’t have anyone else in your family, use the method above!)

  2. Excellent game – best strategy is to build a large family, spend all of your points on Energy to be able to do lots of jobs and buy AK’s and Helmets (free to maintain)…….


  3. why does your money disappear from the banker?! i thought they were supposed to keep your cash safe. what a rip.

  4. Life is short…… For other family’s, if you add me! It’s a win win no brainer and these are the digits: 183214664

  5. Add these for hella quick family adds with FREE HUMMERS and M16’s for everyone!!!



  6. Please join forces with me… Don Capello & together let’s take over!!!!!

    222 329 337

    222 329 337

    222 329 337

    222 329 337

    222 329 337

  7. This game effin roxx!!

    Add me: 881520084
    Will accept w/ the quickness… Bet.

  8. P.s. Thanx Justin Thorpe and John Nelson for this site giving us mobsters a chance to survive and become stronger by uniting our families. Salut y benevenuto!

    ***680 622 811***
    ***680 622 811***
    ***680 622 811***

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