Hulu Had My Favorite Super Bowl Ad

Now… I started watching the Super Bowl at half time, so I may have missed some ads, but of the ones that I saw Hulu’s was by far my favorite.  What was your favorite ad?

3 thoughts on “Hulu Had My Favorite Super Bowl Ad”

  1. It’s better each time I watch it. I love when he’s laughing with the viewer and then staring creepily and then laughing again. And of course the tie adjustment. Stunningly good execution on this one! Mmmm, gives me a hankering for a mouthful of Pete Schweddy’s Schweddy Balls.

  2. I actually didn’t like this commercial so much. The premise was good, but they just seemed to repeat the same joke over and over again.

    Or maybe I was just too distracted by the game this year to pay attention to the commercials 😀

  3. Either Hulu or the greasemokeys at #1 for me. I liked that the grease monkeys was strange, funny, and made me a litte uncomfortable. Very innovative for a motor oil company

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