“TechCrunch is not a marketing plan”

My buddy Sunir from FreshBooks just wrote an awesome blog post entitled, “TechCrunch is not a marketing plan.” I agree with him 100%. Definitely worth a read:

I met a woman at Gnomedex this year who was recently hired to be the head of marketing for a service with 5 million customers. She was charged with expanding that to 6 million. I asked her what her strategy was, and she was adamant that all she needed was a single post on TechCrunch. She was willing to spend a million dollars to razzle and dazzle TechCrunch. I asked her why not spend that money with your existing customers, and she looked at me like I was stupid.

TechCrunch is not a marketing plan. You need to be out in the world, going after your own customers, treating them well, earning their admiration and recommendations, and continuing to build your business for the future.

Don’t get me wrong. I read TechCrunch everyday. I think it’s a great publication but you can’t depend on any one medium for reaching people. You could substitute Twitter into the title. Twitter is not a marketing plan.

2 thoughts on ““TechCrunch is not a marketing plan””

  1. Justin,
    Great point and I wish more tech entrepreneurs would take it to heart.

    I attended TC50 2008 as a demo-pit company and was amazed at how many startups were spending they’re entire marketing budget on making a 3×3 table with spotty internet look fabulous for when Arrington made his hurried 10 minute walk thru. Some were even under the impression that since they made it into the “coveted” TC50 demo-pit and paid they’re many thousands of dollars to come that it meant they automatically got a writeup.

    I guess it depends largely on the product but it seems to me tech entrepreneurs are great at attacking problems from different angles and leaving options open as they develop but fail to carry those principles over when they market.

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