Approaching Everyday On The Job As If It’s Your First

My friend and head of recruiting company Fluid Hire Ian Jones just wrote a great post about how we should approach everyday on the job as if it’s your first.  Everyday we need to try and bring that same level of excitement, passion, and optimism, as we did on the first day of our jobs.  As Ian notes, I’m confident this is something Obama is feeling right now as he enters day 2.

Just think, if we all took that energy and excitement to the job, how much more ass could we kick?

I figure that while I can’t directly impact energy plans, foreign policy, or the war in Iraq – I can impact the economy by working a little harder, a little smarter, and with a little more passion. If millions of Americans did their jobs just 1% better than yesterday, think of the value added to our economy. A slight change in our collective productivity and efficiency could impact operating costs and profitability and spur investment and job growth nationwide. We have the power to help turn our own economy around.

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